3 Tips to Help your 3 to 9 Year Old Unlock their Creative Potential

3 Tips to Help your 3 to 9 Year Old Unlock their Creative Potential

Are you a mum or dad struggling to connect with your 3 to 9 year old? Have you had a difficult time helping them to settle down with either schoolwork or getting them to focus on one task or the other? Then you should read this article and understand how to help them unlock their creative potentials.
One vital thing to note about average young children between the ages of 3 and 9 is that their mind is still relatively a blank slate. But do not confuse this for lack of mental power or creativity. Instead, it is because, at this stage, the mind is more probable to spend a lot of time taking in events and getting to know the world better than it already does.
Here are some tips to help you navigate this stage successfully and help your kids channel their creativity to influence their daily lives;

I. Pay Extra Attention to their Needs
Very few kids are vocal about what they want at any point in time, and getting your kids to this point is an indeed tasking affair. But one way to break past the few walls they have erected is to pay extra attention to their mannerisms and how it affects their behavior.
Paying extra attention without being overbearing or intruding in their space unnecessarily helps you to spend more time observing than obsessing over them and will help you see across those walls.

II. Create a Different Environment
One way to help your 3 to 9-year-old kid explore their creative potential is to create a different environment from what they experience every day, especially in schools.
When you give them the idea that the feeling with you is different and positive, they’ll warm up to you, and you can see past the walls they have created. A different environment stimulates the creative process, and for kids within the age of 3 and 9, it helps them to grasp the complexities of the world much faster and apply these possibilities to their creative process.
A different environment encourages your kids to think differently and strive to act differently from their peers from a very early age. This, in turn, helps to shape them into confident adults who can think on their own and are not scared to face changes.

III. Build Unorthodox Systems around You
One widely known fact about young children who fall within these ages is their ability to observe record and assimilate events that happen around them. When you build unorthodox systems around the house with basic home chores and responsibilities, it helps to encourage them to think outside the box.
The ability to think outside the box is a creative person’s greatest weapon, and when done right, you can help your kids harness this ability very early in life.
Building an unorthodox system is not a hard task, it can start with fashioning a way to do the dishes much faster without a dishwasher or clean the home much quicker without a vacuum cleaner or any other chores. The vital thing is that as much as you can, you avoid the regular processes in favour of developing in-house creative solutions that also work, if not faster and better.
When your children see this, they automatically record it, and in the future when you least expect, they’ll apply it to one or more parts of their life to make life easier.
Bringing up young children in the 21st century doesn’t come with a manual, but understanding that your kids are growing up in a world where almost everything is available on-demand will help you understand what growing up in a world as this feels like.
Your children are bound to be more digitally inclined because of the influence of technology at such an early age, and helping them develop the soft skills needed to thrive in such a world is one of your utmost priorities as a parent. At BMCKIDSWORLD.COM, we’re fully equipped to help you achieve this.

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